"We want to be a welcoming, caring community, celebrating and sharing the good news with all"

During the year we have brain storming sessions to get ideas on how we can better both ourselves and also our church.
Below are just a few of the ideas taken during these sessions.

We aim to be welcoming by:

We aim to be caring by:

Smiling at others

Talking to others

Showing an interest in others

Identifying new people

Having a welcome package

Having more get-togethers

Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere

Telling your name at the sign of peace

Praying for the sick
Taking communion to the sick
Taking care of the bereaved
Campaigning for justice and peace
S.V.P. caring for the poor and lonely
Children's liturgy
Keeping the church clean
Having a friends circle
Supporting families
Responding to second collections
Sending the sick to Lourdes
Giving others lifts to Mass
Informing the parish if someone is ill
Caring for the local community
Caring for the youth

We aim to be Ecumenical by:

We aim to be Evangelical by:

Being tolerant
Being non-judgemental
Respecting differences
Appreciating differences
Valuing differences
Rejoicing at differences
Share services
Recognising what we have in common
Educating ourselves
Uniformed groups open to all
Attending other churches

Going to church
Setting a good example
Loving those around
Supporting worthy causes
Praying for all in need
Giving support to schools
Working for justice and peace
Supporting mission activities
Supporting those in the forefront/ media
Work of SVP
Work of J&P Group