Portico Fundraisers

Gill, Pat and Virginia thank you for the support you have given during 2017.

Portico Fundraisers 2018 Spring plant sale will be held this year on the weekend of 12/13th May.
Order forms will be with the newsletter on 21/22 April and orders collected the following weekend (28/29th April).
We will be selling the excellent plants at last year’s (2017) prices.
Your support helps us donate much needed aid to Intercare Medical Aid to Africa, and our 2018 parish nominated charities.

The Portico Fundraisers hope with your support during this year we will be able to give continued aid to Intercare
and our nominated/chosen charities for 2018 which are - Papyrus, a charity dedicated to preventing young suicides, Diabetes UK, (the St Helens local group) and Hope Centre Baby Basics project also based in St Helens.
Please see the notice board for further information on the charities and also how you can help Intercare by donating urgently needed medical supplies.

We have sent a total of over £5000 to our named local charities and one international charity, InterCare, during the past 12 months.

We will continue to send aid to InterCare (Medical Aid for Africa) who are always grateful to accept new dressings, plasters, bandages, soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Our fundraising also allows us to send money to enable InterCare to buy essential medicines distributed, to the people of sub-Saharan Africa, from their 130 registered medical centres.
Your donations of medical supplies may be left in the cream container in the hall porch.